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Crease-free and fresh smelling clothes

At nice stitches we have been passionate about our environment and so have invested in Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care: the latest Eco friendly technology in garment care.

The innovative Eco dry cleaning solutions is amazingly effective for cleaning of all types of fabrics textiles, leathers, suede and fur and offers the following advantages:

  • It's better for the Environment.

  • It’s better for the Garment.

  • It's better for the Colours.

  • Better Stain removal.

  • Gentle on your garments.

No chemical are involved and it leaves your garments fresher and brighter. Our new Eco friendly technology where we use natural solvents rather than chemicals, removes the risk of chemical inhalation on the part of our staff and irritation and possible allergy reaction on the part of our customers, creating crease-free and fresh smelling clothes in the process.

We dry clean all types of clothing!

  • Wedding dresses

  • Bridal dresses

  • Evening wear

  • Jackets

  • Prom dresses

  • Christening gowns

  • Jeans

  • Suits

  • General clothing

  • And much more


For any further information, please call us today and speak to a member of our staff.

Wedding dress cleaning

Our experienced staff will ensure that your wedding dress is handled with great care. They are experienced in cleaning all types of materials including delicate fabrics and can work to your specific cleaning requirements. Using specialist methods we can get rid of all stains that may otherwise ruin your wedding dress. To provide that personal touch we will then expertly box your wedding dress for safe transportation and delivery.

Visit one of our stores today, we are based in Leamington Spa!

Eco dry cleaning service in Leamington Spa

Have you been looking for a reliable dry cleaners? Look no further than Nice Stitches. Call us on:

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01926 886 358 (Leamington Spa)

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Collection and delivery

We now offer a FREE premium bespoke collection and delivery service on all orders above £25.00.

We can arrange for collection and delivery of your dry cleaning items at both home and / or office addresses.

Just call us on any of the this number: 01926 886 358 or fill out our online order form to arrange for your garments to be collected.

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