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Look professional and fresh throughout the day!

Do you have a busy work week and have no time to do your ironing? Nice Stitches offers dry cleaning and ironing services for all type of clothing. Our experts are experienced in handling delicate fabrics and have the resources to perfectly iron all your washed garments.

We ensure that your suits, pants and shirts are clean and crisp without any creases and you won't have to worry about late deliveries as we offer a 24-hour turnaround on all our services. Contact us today for all your ironing requirements.

We iron all type of clothing:

  • Shirts and suits

  • Dresses and skirts

  • Children's clothing

  • Bedding

  • Linen

  • Table cloth

  • Cushion covers

  • Curtains

  • Coats

  • Jeans

  • And many more

Our other services include:

Professional ironing service in Leamington Spa

Take your creased clothes to Nice Stitches and benefit from our hassle free professional ironing service.

Call us on:

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01926 886 358 (Leamington Spa)